If You Have Low Productivity Level: You Actually Need To Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Mümin Ahmedoğlu
4 min readNov 5, 2021

In this story I want to introduce you to 6 methods to boost your productivity by managing your energy rather than your time.

When your energy is high, you feel like you can complete all of your tasks, and when it is low, you feel distracted, hopeless, and exhausted. Using an energy management strategy in your life helps you direct your strength toward your work goals, and here are a few ways to help you focus on filling your energy tank. Instead of checking off boxes on your calendar, get more done.

6. Close your mental loops.

Is there something that’s been stuck in your thoughts for weeks, months, or even years that you haven’t gotten around to finishing? These are what we call “open loops,” and they quietly drain your energy because they take up space in your subconscious. For example, a doctor’s appointment that you didn’t make time for in your schedule, or a parcel that you didn’t take to the post office.

Rather than wasting your time with your mind reminding you of the things you didn’t get done, set aside an hour or a week to close these loops. This year, I decided not to let the thought of cleaning consume my energy, and I scheduled cleaning for the weekend. As soon as I got rid of the noise in my head, I felt like a world of creativity blossoms in front of me.

5. Stop switching back and forth between tasks.

Switching between giving an exciting PowerPoint presentation, conversing on the phone with a client, and recording a video takes a lot of energy. Focus on one type of task and complete it before going on to another to preserve energy.

To save energy, organize your timetable into several types of tasks, such as Maker, Coach, and CEO. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, I scheduled training calls, and I scheduled creative work in the mornings. When I need to record a video or audio, I set aside time and go to a hotel to complete the task without interruption.



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