Some Common Values Between Stoicism and Islam

Mümin Ahmedoğlu
5 min readSep 27, 2021

Stoicism is one of the most influential Hellenistic philosophical traditions, with a history spanning several centuries and a presence in nearly every country. Self-control and the avoidance of evil aid in the establishment of security and stability and the reduction of disparities that disrupt social life and individual satisfaction. Because human beings are a fraternal group that must be dominated by love and equality, skills and abilities enable individuals to integrate by serving one another. One of its principles is the call for global citizenship because human beings are a fraternal group that must be dominated by love and equality.

“Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as a trial, and to Us, you will be returned.”Qur’an 21:35

Nobody would be spared from death, according to the above Quranic verse. Before we return to God, every one of us will face a test, which will include the good, the terrible, and the indifferent aspects of life. The individuals we encounter, our families, our loved ones, lovers, friends, and enemies. As a result, God will put us to the test regarding how we treat ourselves and how we interact with others.

I’m starting to realize that Stoicism is a part of every religion’s teaching. Like Judaism and Christianity, Islam teaches that God is all-knowing and knows everything that has happened in the past, present, and future. Although Islam teaches that God knows the future, this does not negate our ability to exercise free will. Even if God the All-Knowing has enslaved our “Free Will.” It’s like what happens in the Matrix movie.

As a result, humans can select how they respond to things that occur to them, whether good or unpleasant. These pleasant or negative occurrences or circumstances are viewed in Islam as opportunities to exhibit your trust in God and act righteously.

Look at these remarks by Epictetus [11]:

“With every accident, ask yourself what abilities you have for making proper use of it. If you see an attractive person, you will find that self-restraint is the



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