Turkish Defence Industry 2021 Overview: Between Reality And Hope

Mümin Ahmedoğlu
12 min readSep 8, 2021

Will Turkey Be A Super Power Soon?

In this article you will read:

  • Growing Influence
  • An Overview
  • The History of Turkish Defense
  • The Second Launch
  • Turkish Defense Industry In Numbers
  • How Did Turkey Achieve These Numbers?
  • Successive Deals
  • The Global Interest In Turkish Drones
  • How Does Turkish Defense Industry Improve The Economy of Turkey?

In recent months, in many European countries, an in-depth discussion has taken place from the corridors of the press and public opinion to parliaments, defense ministries, and governments about the Turkish supremacy in combat drones, amid calls for speedy action to maintain the balance of power not changing in favor of Turkey and moves to start programs for making combat drones that surpass the Turkish UAVs, which have proven their superiority in Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, and have begun to spread vigorously in European countries.

Few weeks ago, the Lithuanian Defense Minister visited the Turkish capital, Ankara, and toured the factories of major Turkish defense industry companies, providing great indications of his country’s intention to acquire Turkish “Bayraktar” drones and other Turkish weapons, to be the second European member of NATO to acquire Turkish drones. after Poland.

Growing Influence

Although many countries have previously bought Turkish parades, their acquisition by three NATO member states, including two in the European Union as well, holds special significance for Ankara, which seeks to strengthen its position as a growing power — more significant than regional — and strengthen its position as a critical member, an indispensable product and supporter in the Western camp, after doubts were raised about its position due to the great rapprochement with Russia in recent years, and the accusations that resulted in moving away from the Western camp.

The French newspaper Le Monde wrote about the increase in sales of Turkish drones and weapons around the world, in light of criticism of the superiority of…

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